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“I am a human being; I consider nothing that is human alien to me.”
~ Terence

We are the Cathedral of the Soul Ministries is a 501(c-3) Legal nonprofit, nondenominational in its premises and concepts, committed to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Growth of individuals through Education and Spiritual Activism.

As a church, We are an international, nonsectarian entity that embraces people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. We recognize the necessity of maintaining the integrity and dignity of human life in every stage of its existence, from the beginning until the end, including during trying situations and challenging life passages.

As a working template, We embrace a spiritual, conscious, Interfaith, Interspiritual, ecumenical, all-inclusive perspective about Spirituality, life, and human development.
Our work field is the realms of common Humanity, the acceptance of the diversity of human paths, with the deep understanding that no one is lost, that all paths lead home.



No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
We believe that with Compassion, Education, and the Gift of Service through Spiritual Activism, the general state of consciousness can be greatly changed.
We believe that we are all connected and that by helping another, we help ourselves. Each individual can make a Commitment to reach out. Each individual can make a Commitment to work towards the Common Good. As individuals, our personal contributions may be small, but we can change the world when United in Common Cause.


There are many people and regions in crisis around the world. The principles of Altruism and the Brotherhood of Man have declined in importance as individuals, nations, and religions focus on the differences between each other instead of the similarities within our shared Humanity.
All The Cathedral of the Soul Prison Initiatives is solely the result of the studies and actions developed by our “House of Reconciliation.” This “House” focuses on Forgiveness and Tolerance issues.

We believe that these two concepts are at the root of Healing on a personal and global level. Therefore, we support initiatives that foster better understanding and resolution of conflicts between individuals, communities, and nations.

Ministerial Activities

Our Major goal is to provide a safe platform for Prisoners to receive spiritual assistance in various degrees. We also invest in disseminating Multifaith and Interfaith literature and Philosophical educational materials, which include many free Self-paced courses.

Prayer Groups, Prayer ministries, Mentorship programs, submission of short stories, artwork, and Poetry. The dissemination of spiritual literature, Self-paced correspondence courses, Paraprofessional qualifications, and prayer requests.

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Prison directory

Prison Directory-About Us

Who we are-Prison directory

Prison Directory-About Us

About Us: Who We Are!

We are a Virtual Spiritual ministry dedicated to sharing the Mystic Light and Love of Christ with prisoners universally.  Our Virtual Spiritual Ministry Project was grown from various Initiatives from The Humanity Healing International (a 501 (c)[3] Public and Registered Charity) and the Cathedral of The Soul Church (a 501 (c)[3] Registered Spiritual Church).

We have produced a resourceful Library with a Series of Programs, and lectures, free resources, and other Spiritual, Interfaith, and philosophical literature that contains the message of our Oneness with God.

Our Vision-The Prison Directory

Zen Tales – A Master in Prison

A Zen master had been put into prison several times.

It is one thing to forgive a thief, but it is not to think that he is bad. It might be another thing to go to jail oneself. And not once, but several times – for stealing small items from his neighbors.

The neighbors knew, and they were puzzled: ‘Why does this man steal? And such small things.’ But the moment he would be out of prison, he would steal again, and he would go back. So even the judges were worried. But they had to send him to jail because he would confess.

He would never say, ‘I have not stolen.’

Finally, the neighbors gathered together, and they said,’ Sir, don’t steal anymore. You are getting old, and we are ready to provide you with all that you need – all your necessities, whatsoever it is. You stop this! We are very much worried, and we are very sad. Why do you go on doing this?

And the old man laughed. And he said,’ I steal to get in with the prisoners and bring them the inner message. Who will help them? Outside, for you prisoners, there are many masters. But inside the jail, there is no master. Who will help them, you tell me?

This is my way to get in and help those people. So, when my punishment is over and I am thrown out, I have to steal something and go back again. So, I am going to continue this. And I have found therein jail such beautiful souls, such innocent souls – sometimes far MORE innocent….’

Source: “Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol 2” ~ Osho

“Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.”

Zhuangzi, Nan-Hua-Ch’en-Ching, or, the Treatise of the transcendent master from Nan-Hua

The rehabilitation of order as a universal principle, however, suggested at the same time that orderliness by itself is not sufficient to account for the nature of organized systems in general or for those created by man in particular.
Rudolf Arnheim

Our Main Goals

It is our goal to reach as many inmates as possible for support and educational purposes.

We seek to inspire trust, dignity, fortitude, hope, joy & friendship among our brethren. Because of the sharing of our messages, courses, and mentorships with like-minded individuals, we desire to open the inmate’s minds to another way of life than what they may currently imagine.

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Why Create Prison Directory Outreach?

Prison directory_Cathedral of the soul

Why Create Prison Directory Outreach?

The prison system, in its conception, began as a correctional scheme for individuals that in some ways fail in the eyes of society.

Nevertheless, we also understand that to be sent to a correctional facility as a result of the debt of society is a punishment: No one is sent there to be punished beyond their current sentences.

We understand when we refer to Prisons worldwide that “Legal Systems” do not always provide the full treatment that is Intended. Normally we would expect it to be a valuable and efficient tool of the “Justice System.”

Humanity Healing Initiatives and Cathedral of the Soul Prison ministries are an attempt to contribute and expand the human side of every individual experience, re-aggregating the basic elements of human spiritual needs.

We believe that a deeper approach and emphasis on human rights, and human needs in every situational contest of One’s life, is a causative instrument of carving a new integral transformative Justice perspective through a true individual rehabilitation and Public safety.

Prison Directory ​Project

Our mission is to create a safe and comprehensive platform where Inmates and compassionate people can communicate, create friendships, enrich their beings through sharing of experiences, and shift perspectives and lives. In many cases, The Families and friends of inmates have abandoned them, and they have no one to write to them or no one to be of spiritual support. As a result, inmates love to receive letters and have a dialogue with someone that can see their souls. This is a much-needed and very effective ministry. You do not have to go inside of a jail or prison, and the only cost involved is paper, envelopes, and postage stamps. But we do advise, don’t start a correspondence if you can’t afford the costs.

In our directory Inmates can have access to basic philosophical and Interfaith concepts, Spiritual Teachings, and mentorships, aside from the fact that they can interact in a reliable manner with individuals.

The directory is also an outreach with prisoners, and for Prisoners everywhere; to enrich their lives through the distribution of literature, correspondence, and speaking engagements inspiring hope, dignity, strength, joy, and love.

“Watch ye therefore because you know not when the Master of the house cometh.” Who is the master of the House? Your higher Self. Holy Spirit.

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