Why Create Prison Directory Outreach?

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Why Create Prison Directory Outreach?

The prison system, in its conception, began as a correctional scheme for individuals that in some ways fail in the eyes of society.

Nevertheless, we also understand that to be sent to a correctional facility as a result of the debt of society is a punishment: No one is sent there to be punished beyond their current sentences.

We understand when we refer to Prisons worldwide that “Legal Systems” do not always provide the full treatment that is Intended. Normally we would expect it to be a valuable and efficient tool of the “Justice System.”

Humanity Healing Initiatives and Cathedral of the Soul Prison ministries are an attempt to contribute and expand the human side of every individual experience, re-aggregating the basic elements of human spiritual needs.

We believe that a deeper approach and emphasis on human rights, and human needs in every situational contest of One’s life, is a causative instrument of carving a new integral transformative Justice perspective through a true individual rehabilitation and Public safety.

Prison Directory ​Project

Our mission is to create a safe and comprehensive platform where Inmates and compassionate people can communicate, create friendships, enrich their beings through sharing of experiences, and shift perspectives and lives. In many cases, The Families and friends of inmates have abandoned them, and they have no one to write to them or no one to be of spiritual support. As a result, inmates love to receive letters and have a dialogue with someone that can see their souls. This is a much-needed and very effective ministry. You do not have to go inside of a jail or prison, and the only cost involved is paper, envelopes, and postage stamps. But we do advise, don’t start a correspondence if you can’t afford the costs.

In our directory Inmates can have access to basic philosophical and Interfaith concepts, Spiritual Teachings, and mentorships, aside from the fact that they can interact in a reliable manner with individuals.

The directory is also an outreach with prisoners, and for Prisoners everywhere; to enrich their lives through the distribution of literature, correspondence, and speaking engagements inspiring hope, dignity, strength, joy, and love.

“Watch ye therefore because you know not when the Master of the house cometh.” Who is the master of the House? Your higher Self. Holy Spirit.

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